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Web Design and Development

No other interactive medium reaches further than the web. As web browsers have become more sophisticated, so has the web’s potential as an immersive storytelling medium. To realize this potential in telling the stories that drive actions and foster loyalty, work with a team that thinks bigger and can deliver bigger.

Layout & Interaction Design

Our roots are in design. We design layouts and interactions that are human-centered, objective-oriented, and with an iterative philosophy. This differentiates our work from others, and always fosters greater results.

Interactive Content Creation

In a media saturated world, it is increasingly difficult to capture a website visitor’s attention. That’s why Dijt specializes in the cutting-edge of interactive web content. Leveraging some of its in-house 3D capabilities, objects and environments are able to come to life. Utilizing WebGL, the website itself may become a 3D experience.

General Web Development

The Dijt team can create nearly anything imaginable. This is with front-end development capabilities in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript; and additional development capabilities with PHP, Python, and MySQL. These capabilities allow us to program anything from a custom landing page, to a special-purpose microsite, to a complete website.

Content Management Systems

Our clients are able to easily add to and edit their own websites through content management systems. We build on the widely used WordPress CMS, as well as others, including the lightweight Kirby CMS. These ensure that staff without design or development training can keep a website current and relevant.

Integrations & Automation

A website plays a central role in a business. That’s why there is great value to connect the site via APIs with the tools used by sales, marketing, and management. By building websites that are smarter, Dijt builds websites that can yield greater impact.