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Other Digital Creative

Virtual reality has made its way into more homes than ever before, but the technology is still highly underutilized by product marketers, architects, and builders. Dijt aims to change that. Our team members have backgrounds in marketing, architecture, product and architectural visualization, and game development. This gives us a unique edge in bringing virtual reality development within reach of more marketers, builders, and architects.

Virtual Reality for Product Marketers

Virtual reality is the most immersive and evocative medium ever created. In retail and tradeshow environments it provides the opportunity for marketers to tell the story of their brand and products in a manner that is uniquely informative, deeply emotional and unforgettable. Our team is versed in the tools and methods of the game development industry, enabling us to deliver high-performance experiences at a fraction of the time and cost previously necessary.

Architectural Virtual Reality

More than any other creative discipline, architecture engages and enlivens the mind through movement and space. While traditional media can illustrate space, virtual reality simulates the experience of being within it. This is incredibly powerful for selling ideas that have yet to be constructed, or as a medium whereby a client can participate with the architect or developer in the act of creation. In addition to having roots in architecture, our team is versed in the tools and methods of the game development industry. This enables us to deliver high-performance experiences that go far beyond a software plugin or stereoscopic rendering.