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3D Rendering and Animation

For objects and environments that are designed in a computer, 3D rendering and animation can be an accessible and powerful medium for communication. This has been long understood by architects, but it is still a new idea to many product marketers. The potential is illustrated by IKEA, who uses photorealistic computer generated renderings for the vast majority of the images in their catalog. Dijt pairs incredible product and architectural rendering capabilities with a suite of interactive tools and development capabilities to make these visualizations more interactive and accessible in more places.

Product Renderings and Animations

Dijt can render products photorealistically with an infinite combination of finishes and perspectives, in ways that defy physics, and in any environment imaginable. We craft ad-worthy product renderings, product showcase videos, and interactive product animations, each as appropriate for the application and always expressiveness and craft only possible from the work of artists.

Architectural Renderings and Animations

Machines can render the appearance of a building–we convey the experience. Our partners have roots in architecture, as well as computer graphics, web development and game development. This unique combination enables us to translate an architect’s vision into compelling still architectural renderings, animated architectural videos, and interactive architectural animations for the web.