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Dijt specializes in immersive story-telling and cutting-edge visualization on the web. Our web design and development work surpasses the traditional notion of a website, offering instead media-rich–and sometimes three-dimensional–experiences across desktop computers, mobile devices, and interactive exhibits. Our product renderings and architectural visualizations are unshackled by traditional print and video delivery. These capabilities give a cutting edge to product marketers, builders, and architects.

Web Design and Development

Dijt has embraced the web as the preeminent method for reaching potential clients and customers. The websites we construct are purpose-built, content-rich, and deeply interactive. They leverage the latest advances in web standards, as well as our own library of tools that enhance a website’s storytelling potential.

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3D Rendering and Animation

Dijt has valuable capabilities in product rendering and architectural visualization. What makes Dijt especially unique, are the additional abilities it has developed to convey this information interactively in a web browser, and in custom applications for exhibits and kiosks. Our aim is to not only make high-quality renderings and animations available to more product marketers, architects, and builders than before, but to also make this media more immersive and interactive.

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Other Digital Creative

Virtual reality is the next frontier for selling products and ideas. Dijt is pioneering methods by which to make this nascent technology accessible to product marketers, architects, and builders today. Our current areas of focus are in: the creation of product exhibits with strong storytelling components and speeding the conversion of yet-to-be-built environments into high-quality, interactive, virtual environments.

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