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Since our founding in 2010 we have called ourselves a design studio, a creative studio, a marketing firm, a digital agency, and a creative agency. It is hard to describe exactly what Dijt should be called because the experience of its team transcends so many traditional boundaries. Call us whatever you like, we just want to create amazing things that people will notice and engage with, and that will change the way they think and act. If something is hard to do, technical, and creative, chances are we do it.



  • Ryan Gorley

    Ryan Gorley


    Ryan is a seasoned marketing and creative professional. His primary role at Dijt is as liaison between individuals of these two complementary disciplines. Prior to starting Dijt, he was a successful marketing executive and creative director at a consumer goods manufacturer and online retailer. His first lessons in design and the creative process were obtained earlier during his pursuit of his undergraduate degree in architecture. He later obtained a masters degree in business administration, with an emphasis on marketing and entrepreneurship, which knowledge he has put to work for dozens of businesses. He gladly and freely shares the unique perspectives these experiences have provided in articles for marketers. Ryan is a cancer survivor, aspiring Linux wizard, and proud father.

  • Spencer Hill

    Spencer Hill


    Spencer is a talented web developer and interface designer. His primary role at Dijt is leading web development and interface design projects. After being awarded his undergraduate degree in graphic design, Spencer was hired as a junior designer at Dijt. He immediately outgrew this junior role after demonstrating exceptional graphic design abilities and an aptitude for software development. He has since created dozens of websites and interactive applications, as well as numerous other creative assets, including Dijt’s own logo. Spencer is a connoisseur of typography, a musician, and an Apple snob.

  • Bryce Johnson

    Bryce Johnson


    Bryce is multifaceted designer and artist. His primary role at Dijt is leading 3D rendering. He began work at Dijt after obtaining his master’s degree in architecture. He has applied his talents across nearly every design discipline, often putting his architectural foundation in design for human interaction and fabrication to work. He has designed numerous kiosk displays and related consumer products. During his time at Dijt he has also developed distinctive capabilities in product rendering and architectural visualization, which is where he dedicates the bulk of his attention. Bryce is an avid skier, a soccer junky, and grateful husband. 

  • Kobby

    Kobby "Chief" Omane-Brimpong

    Relationship Manager

    Chief is a diversely talented, entrepreneur. His enthusiasm and desire to bring about positive change is contagious. He is a native of Ghana and serves as a relationship manager at Dijt. He helps identify businesses who may benefit from the creative services provided by Dijt, and ensures that their needs are continually addressed. He is the most fashionably dressed man in the studio, an eternal optimist, and a proud father of two.

  • Brendon Porter

    Brendon Porter

    Relationship Manager, Photographer

    Brendon is an experience photographer, 3D artist, and all-around technologist. He is an Arizona native and self-taught genius. His interests span 3D printing to astrophotography. Among other things, you’ll find him involved at Dijt on special-projects in 3D rendering and animation and photography. He is an Apple-hacker, Benz-wagon fan, and happy father of three girls.